Capital Campaign History

History of Our Centennial Capital CAMPaign: Follow the Gleam

The Friends of Winnataska Board decided in 2013 to have a Capital Campaign leading up to the 2018 100th Anniversary of Camp. They hired Barbara Sloan to direct the campaign. Because of the collapse of the roof of Stockham Gym in May 2014, the campaign was delayed until mid-2015. There were some projects that were funded from 2013 to 2015, but the majority of larger campaign undertakings were started in 2016 and some ventures are still ongoing. 

At the end of the Centennial year, 2018, the CAMPaign leaders had raised over $1,500,000.00, which was the original goal. Barbara Sloan and the FOW Board are still seeking support for the new Chico huts and bathhouses, the activity building to replace Stockham, and the renovation of the dining hall and kitchen, among other needs, both facilities and programming.

The Camp Winnataska Capital CAMPaign Cabinet was led by Honorary Chair, Roger Day, nationally renowned children’s singer and songwriter. Merrill Stewart, Owner of Stewart Perry served as the Cabinet Advisor.

Members included:

  • Chris Barnes – Alabama Power Company Manager, Leeds Office
  • Jim Bates – VP Regions Southeast Timber Fund
  • Tom Bell – United Methodist Church Bill Cather – Owner Cather Printing
  • Cameron McKinley – 2007 Alabama Teacher of the Year
  • Anne Mitchell – Attorney with Baker, Donelson
  • Karen Moore – CPA with Pearce, Bevill, Leesburg, Moore
  • John Moore – Superintendent of Leeds City Schools
  • Dr. Lane Rutledge – Medical Director/ UAB Genetics Lab
  • Mary Ann Smith-Janas – President of Marketry, Inc.
  • Dr. Pat Hart Terry – Chair Nutrition & Dietetics, Samford University
  • Chris Vizzina – Master Chef Vizzina Group & Red Diamond

Camp Winnataska had ample guidance to implement a Capital CAMPaign. Both the Camp Winnataska Board of Directors and the Friends of Winnataska Board of Directors are composed of dedicated alumni, professional people, and community leaders, and both boards were involved in the process. Barbara Sloan is the Development Director for the Friends. She has over 35 years of experience in leading nonprofit organizations and in fundraising. The Capital Campaign Team included Elin Glenn, Sloan, Stasi Bara, Paul Bentley, Ellen Barton Blackmon, Katie Snowden Crawford, Bee Lewis, Dana Lower, Marcie Matte, Mary Owen, Anna McClendon, Katie Sefton, and Jim Thorington.

Projects that were completed year by year before and during the CAMPaign:


  • New Play Field on Stockham Green
  • Refurbished Health Hut
  • Built Pavilion at Rushton
  • Launched Chico Fundraising
  • Eagle Projects:
    • 9-hole Frisbee Golf Course at RushtonPicnic Tables for Various Locations around Camp
    • Horse Washing Station at the Barn


Bath House with Navajos
  • Refurbished the Foot Bridge
  • Master Plan for Chico
  • Added New Storm Shades for all Huts
  • Improvements to Dining Hall and Kitchen
  • New Pool House 
  • Engaged Whit Macknally to Finish Grounds Master Plan: Included a Play Field Where Stockham stood and Chico Hill
  • Eagle Project:
    • Post and Chain Fencing from Water Fountain to Hillside on Mainside


  • New Bath Houses on Mainside
  • Remodeled Left Side of Strickland
  • Improvements to the Kitchen
  • Eagle Project:
    • Remodeled Storage for Waterfront Program Supplies under Dining Hall Porch


  • New Kayaks
  • Planted Trees from Alabama Power Good Roots Grant
  • Implemented Erosion Control on Mainside
  • Mapped the Entire Camp Site Hisby CartoTracks
  • Completed Gyvillion Extension with Canteen and Bathrooms
  • Eagle Projects: 
    • Trail from Chapels to Ropes  
    • Trail Improvements and Erosion Control
    • Twelve Benches for Campers for Indian Night


  • Improvements to Chico Craft Hut
  • Improvements to Chico Lodge 
  • New Beds and Mattresses Throughout Camp
  • Completed Pavillion (Gyvillion)
  • Installed Blake Guthrie Field Marker
  • Eagle Projects: 
    • Trail Improvements and Erosion Control
    • Trail to Wayside Cross

2013 – 2014

Wayside Cross
  • Created Kap Garmon Tribute Overlook
  • Building Covered Road Bridge
  • NewWayside Cross and BenchesEagle Projects:
    • Ballard Springs Improvements     
    • Trees (Poplars) planted on way to Wayside
    • Path to Waterfront
    • Benches at Rushton & Grace Lake