Sponsors and Donors

We appreciate our Foundation and Corporate Donors. The following made 2016 spectacular!
Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Phillips Grandchildren Advisory Fund
Regions Timber Management
The Caring Foundation
Hoar Construction Fund
Brookwood Medical Auxiliary
Chapel in the Pines
Regions Matching Program
Blackmon Rogers Architects
Lawrence-Arendall-Humphries Real Estate
Dunn French Foundation
Red Diamond
Morin Process Equipment

YAY You!! Update on Gifts to Winnataska in 2016 and early 2017:
Leaders – $50,000 Range
Friendship Circle – $15,000 to $24,999
Maltese Cross League – $5,000 to $14,999
Knights of the Round Table – $1,000 to $4,999
Buff and Green Society – $500 to $999
Princess Winnataska’s Tribe – $250 to $499
Songuinewan’s Braves – $100 to $249
Kelly Creek Club – $25 to $99

Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Phillips Grandchildren Advisory Fund

Friendship Circle
Regions Timber Management
Dana Lower

Maltese Cross League
The Caring Foundation (Foundation Sponsor)
Hoar Construction Fund (Foundation Sponsor)
Paul and Catherine Bentley
Dollie and Forrest Brice (In-Kind Gifts)
Eugene “Britt” Butler
Bill and Sue Pogue
Fred and Betty von Herrmann

Knights of the Round Table
Parents, Grandparents, and Alumni – 151 individuals donated between $2.00 and $250.00 for the New Activity Building in the Camp Store during the summer
Brookwood Medical Auxiliary
Chapel in the Pines
Margaret Allen
Carter and Janice Anthony
Brownie Ballard and Arthur Ballard
Ellen Blackmon
John E. “Mike” Ellis and Biz Ellis Lawrence
Karen Evans
Margaret Ann Havicus
Joseph and Betty Ray Hughes
Tony Hughes (In-Kind Gifts)
Kenny Keith
Pat Luna
Dale and Kellie McIntyre
Denis A. McKinnon, Sr. (In-Kind Gift)
Mary Owen
Carol Prickett
Thomas Ritchie
Barbara Sloan
Steve and Sarah Smith
Thomas Smith
Wayne Hogg
Ann and George Whorton
Foster Yeilding (In-Kind Gift)

Buff and Green Society
Regions Matching Program (Corporate Sponsor)
William and Martha Acker
Jennifer Beasley
David Blackmon and Christian Rogers (Blackmon Rogers Architects LLC)
Mary Gaines Brocato
Jim and Carrie Cearlock
Mary Catherine Clem
Rick and Wendy Dillon
Joe French
Renee and Danny Griffin
Donald and Nancy Guthrie
Marty and Ray Hester
John and Ty Howell
Blake and Aubrey Huynh
Malcolm and Betty Miller
Lawrence S. Nickles
Julia and Nick Roth
Dr. Lane Rutledge
Ginger Sharbel
Mary Margaret Shepherd
James Sulzby
James and Connie Thorington

Princess Winnataska’s Tribe
Lawrence-Arendall-Humphries Real Estate (Corporate Sponsor)
Dunn French Foundation (Foundation Sponsor)
Red Diamond (Corporate Sponsor)
Morin Process Equipment (Corporate Sponsor)
Michael and Elizabeth Alosi
Marilyn Anthony
James and Helen Daniel
Delinda Davis
Adelaide Drenen
Elin Glenn
Stephanie Harless
Marianne Howell
Rachel and Todd Jordan
William and Dore Kesterson
Virginia (Ginger) LeVaughn
Jay P. Lowe
Jean and Riley Lumpkin
Anne Mitchell
Karen and John Moore
Brad and Kim Riegel
Jim and Eva Robertson
Robert Robison
Jill Scott
Katie Sefton
Mary Claire Sefton
Ted and Marie Teague
Susan and Jim Thorington
Jamie Thrasher
Billy and Martha Ann Ware
Laura and Walker Williams

Songuinewan’s Braves
James Barnes
Janet Barnes
Simone Barnes
Cathy Barrington
James and Nancy Barton
Dorothy Bentley
Frances Dean Blount
Lela Anne Brewer
Lissy Brown
Marilyn R. Brown
Carol M. Cartus
Stanford and Ann Davidson
Jim and Mildred Day
Arthur and Jan Burton Deagon
Ms. Mary Helen J. Dixon
Leslie Etheredge
Dorothy Ireland Fletcher
Beth Fort
Kap Garmon
Maddie Hald
Susan Hudson
Alice Johnson
Bruce and Mariann Johnson
Audrey Jost
Mark and Jeanette Kettlewell
Denene and Scott Lemke
Jan Lloyd
Timothy Lyons
Ryan and Anna McClendon
Elveree S. McIntosh
Denis A. McKinnon
Carly Miller
Henry Moak
Dorothy B. Morrison
Ron and Ann Montgomery
David and Deneane Nix
Seth Olson
Ethel Owen
Polly Price Owen
Debbie Pace
Meredith Reuse
Rebecca Riddick
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Roddam
Edwin and Donna Rush
Buddy and Leslie Sharbel
Ann Morris Smith
Roger Solomon
Richard Sprague
Kelly Thames
Clark Watson
Babs Smith White
Bob and Kathy White
Donna Williams
Nan B. Wingo

Kelly Creek Club
Leah Atkins
Charles and Margaret Bundy
Al and Betsy Chestnut
Robert and Betsy Cloud
Roger Conville
Betty Margaret Elliott
Carol Floyd
J. Byron and Mae Ford
Ben Garmon
Andrew and Heather Harris
Cari and John Havicus
Ernest and Jo Hewett
Kathy and Dale Ingram
Bette Jean Janicke
Eric Johnson
Lee Ritchie Johnston
Bill and Sally Jordan
David Keith
Carol Kilgroe
Joan Laiterbach
Keith and Amy Miller
Mariellan Morris
Caroline Neely
Christine Nickson
Tammy Niles
Fred Owen
Michael and Joan Parker
Sarah Pipkin
Beverly Kaye Reach
Carolyn Respress
Linda Reynolds
Harlan Sullivan
Claire Swedenburg
Caitlin and Hunter Thorington

Annie Dodd
Irene Page
Mrs. Virginia Skillman

Nancy Perry Abernathy (by Ginger LeVaughn)
Elwyn Ballard (by Brownie Ballard and Arthur Ballard)
Mary Alice Perry Brown (by Ginger LeVaughn)
Dorothy Collins and Jean Collins Sloan McDaniels (by Barbara Sloan)
Edgar Elliott (by Betty Margaret Elliott)
Clyde Garmon (by Clark Watson)
Barbara P. Hawkins (by Ginger LeVaughn)
Jean Perry Lumpkin (by Ginger LeVaughn)
Mary and Jim Lloyd (by Jan Lloyd)
Charlotte Montgomery (by Beth Fort)
Fred Owen (by Fred Owen)
Lillian Goodness Pyburn (by Rick and Wendy Dillon)
Joanna Rush Rhoades (by Jean and Riley Lumpkin)
Martha Belle Sulzby (Jim Sulzby)

Gifts in 2017 in Memory of Florence Price Nix
Charles and Margaret Bundy
J. Byron and Mae Ford
Ray and Marty Hester
Ernest and Jo Hewett
Bette Jean Janicke
Mark and Jeanette Kettlewell
Dana Lower
Ethel Owen
Barbara Sloan

Paul Bentley (by Elveree S. McIntosh)
James Barton Blackmon (by James and Nancy Barton)
Polly Perry Brabham (by Ginger LeVaughn)
The Buerhaus Family (by Mary Margaret Shepherd)
Kap Garmon (by Billy and Martha Ann Ware)
Carter and Hews Goodson (by Carter and Janice Anthony)
Betty Lou Jackson Land (by Mary Helen J. Dixon)
Delaney McIntyre and Riley McIntyre (Dale and Kellie McIntyre)
Andrew and Katherine Moak (by Henry Moak)
Mary Owen, Polly Owen, Kap Garmon, Joe and Betty Ray Hughes
(by Al and Betsy Chestnut)
Justin and Natalie Riegel (by Brad and Kim Riegel)
Rebecca Riddick (by Mariellan Morris)
Rachel Reuse (by Meredith Reuse)

One thing we are very grateful for are our alumni who give a monthly
pledge to Friends of Winnataska. Those people include:
Elin Glenn
Roger Howe
Karen and John Moore
Seth Olson
Carol Prickett
Dr. Lane Rutledge
Barbara Sloan
Susan and Jim Thorington
Caitlin and Hunter Thorington

1918 Society
Donors who have named Friends of Winnataska in a will, insurance policy, remainder trust, or have given stocks, bonds, or other generous “estate” gifts include:
Eugene “Britt” Butler
Dr. Joe and Betty Ray Price Hughes
Dr. Lane Rutledge
Dr. Roye Wates
Babs Smith White
A gift in your will takes a simple designation and costs you nothing during your lifetime! It’s an easy addition that will leave a legacy for Winnataska.

Camperships given:
Brookwood Hospital Auxiliary
Chapel in the Pines
Mary Catherine Clem
Blake and Aubrey Huynh
Bill and Sue Pogue

In-Kind Gifts:
We rely on in-kind donations of volunteers every year. Our two boards, Camp Winnataska Alumni Club, and hundreds of other volunteers contribute over 25,000 hours each year. The estimated dollar value of volunteer time is just over $23 per hour (from the Independent Sector’s value of one volunteer-hour of work), amounting to a total of $785,450 each year. We also get in-kind space donated from First Baptist Church and Pearce, Bevill, Leesburg, and Moore (both in Birmingham).

Summer Directors, Nurses, Leaders, Volunteers = 29,500 hours
CW Board of Directors = 1,100 hours
FOW Board of Directors = 550 hours
Camp Winnataska Alumni Club = 1,500 hours
Graphic Artist, Legal, and CPA Volunteers = 1,500 hours

Specific In-kind Gifts for 2016 came from:
Dollie and Forrest Brice
Tony Hughes
Foster Yeilding

In 2017:
Denis A. McKinnon, Sr.