Sponsors and Donors

We appreciate our Foundation, Corporate Donors, and Individual Benefactors.  The following made 2019 an outstanding year:

2019 Donor List
Leaders -$50,000 Range
Friendship Circle – $15,000 to $24,999
Maltese Cross League – $5,000 to $14,999
Knights of the Round Table  – $1,000 to $4,999
Buff and Green Society – $500 to $999
Princess Winnataska’s Tribe – $250 to $499
Songuinewan’s Braves – $100 to $249
Kelly Creek Club – $25 to $99

Camp Winnataska

Friendship Circle
Dana and Linn Lower
Maltese Cross League
Vivian Gregory
William Pogue
Fred and Elizabeth von Herrmann
Knights of the Round Table 
Paul and Catherine Bentley
Mike, Biz, and Katie Belle Ellis
Karen D. Evans
Patti and Larry Faulkner
Ann Holman
Dr. Joseph and Betty Ray Hughes
Katherine Davis Moak
Lawrence & Martha Nickles
Mary Owen
Robert & Mandy Robison
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Savage
Barbara Sloan
Thomas O. Smith
Stephen Smith
Babs White
Chapel in the Pines
Brookwood Medical Auxiliary
Buff and Green Society 
Vicki and Harrison Brannon
Bill Cather
Mary Catherine Clem
Wes Cochran
Delinda Davis
Ben Garmon
Renee Griffin
Nancy and Donald Guthrie
Marty and Ray Hester
Blake and Aubrey Huynh
David and Brenda Keith
Christine Long
Ann Pickens
Carol Prickett
Allen & Mimi Ritchie
Shaffeur “Buddy” Stanford
Jim and Susan Thorington
William Vallely
Ann Walker
Laura Britt and Walker Williams
UAB Pediatric Residency Class of 2013

Princess Winnataska’s Tribe 
Charles and Margaret Allen
Elizabeth Alosi
John and Julia Badham
Elwyn Ballard
James and Nancy Barton
Tom Bell
Allie Brown
Susan Foster
Elin Glenn
Cecelia “Bug” Greer
Stephanie Harless
Roger Howe
Joette Kelley Brown
David & Jennifer McCollum
Carolyn Respress
John & Cathy Rumble
Mary Claire Sefton
Katie Sefton
Roger Solomon
Hunter and Caitlin Thorington
Jamie Thrasher
Nan Timberlake Whittelsey
Ann C. and George Whorton
Katherine Wohl
LAH Real Estate

Songuinewan’s Braves 
Janet Barnes
James Barnes
Keri Bates
Mark Bentley
Susanne Berger
Stan Black
Peter Boy Scout Troop 1
Rob and Mary Brewer
Jennifer Brundige
Eugene “Britt” Butler
Harriet Cloud
Elizabeth Cloud
Clay Cochran
Chris Diak
Rick and Wendy Dillon
Mary Helen Dixon
W. Berry Dumas
Melanie Dykes
Leslie Etheredge
Carlin Everts
Elizabeth and Mark Ezell
Leigh Fechter
Carol Floyd
Mary Forbes Reed
Kap Garmon
Jessica Germany
Maegan Guven
James and Jeanette Hancock
Ty Howell
Susan Hudson
Kay Kelly
Carol and Keith Kilgroe
Timothy Lyons
Tara Mayfield
Ryan and Anna Cather McClendon
John Miller
Carly Miller
Keith and Amy Miller
Ron and Anne Montgomery
Karen Moore
Lynn Stover and John Nichols
Seth Olson
Polly Price Owen
Debbie Pickens
Kristen Ragland Laramore
Rebecca Dewine Riddick
Thomas A. Ritchie
James and Eva Robertson
Ed Rush
Amy Scofield
Mary Margare Shepherd
James & Diana Spencer
Richard Sprague
Harlan Sullivan
Betty and Fletcher Thorington
Billy and Martha Ann Ware
Bob and Kathy White
Cindy Wiley
Nan Wingo
Lischkoff and Pitts, PC 
Clipper Company 
Camp Store
Kelly Creek Club
Frances Allison
Mallie Beck
Frances Dean Blount
Theresa Bolus
Dollie and Forrest Brice
Marilyn R. Brown
Shauna Burrows
Rean Campbell
Lynn “Bird” Carpenter
Anne Turner Carroll
Betty Case
Virginia Clark
Charles and Margaret Clarke
Roger Conville
Katie Snowden Crawford
Marjory Day
Arthur and Jan Burton Deagon
David Dees
Claire Donaldson
Mike and Diane Gilewitch
Louise Douglas
Adelaide Drennen
Susan & John Dulin
Karen Eggert Templeton
Jeanne and Elliott Eggleston
Julie Ellis
Sherri Bartels and Family
Jeremy Flint
Beth Fort
Richard David Glasgow
Sarah Graffeo
Juan Gutierrez
Ronnie Hammon 
Amber Harless
Preston and Treasa Harrison
Lida Hill
Jean Hipps
Kathy and Dale Ingram
Ann Jeffers
Grace Jordan
Audrey Jost
Emily Kelly
Marguerite Freeman Lane
William and Joan Lauterbach
Mark and Bee Grover Lewis
Tara Milano
Mariellan Morris
Rainer Webb Mullin
Drs. Greg and Jamie Odrezin
Rich and Debbie Pace
Margaret Pate
Beth Patrick
Tammy Phillips
Suzanne Phillips
Kanita Reed
Marlene Rikard
Roy F. Roddam
Romaine and Sally Scott
Jill Scott
Camie Smith
Emily Snowden
Robert Steiner
Richard Stone
Donald andn Ann Sweeney
Holland Tapp
Catherine Tucker
Terry Wall
Jeannettte Watford
Brooke Yount
Many Thanks to the Caring Foundation for their continuing support
In Kind Gifts:
We rely on in-kind donations and work hours from volunteers every year. Our two boards, Camp Winnataska Alumni Club, and hundreds of other volunteers contribute over 34,000 hours each year. The estimated dollar value of volunteer time is just over $23 per hour (from the Independent Sector’s value of volunteer hour of work), amounting to a total of $785,450 each year. We get in-kind space donated from First Baptist Church and Pearce, Bevill, Leesburg, and Moore (both in Birmingham), and we also receive gifts of vehicles, equipment, horses, and more.
Summer Directors, Nurses, Leaders, Volunteers = 29,500 hours
CW Board of Directors = 1,100 hours
FOW Board of Directors = 550 hours
Camp Winnataska Alumni Club = 1,500 hours
Graphic Artist, Legal, and CPA Volunteers = 1,500 hours
Specific In-kind Gifts for 2019 came from:
Dollie and Forrest Brice
Aubrey and Blake Huynh 
Our wonderful monthly supporters who give regularly and sustain the daily running of camp.
Elin Glenn 
Roger Howe
David Keith
Karen and John Moore 
Seth Olson
Ann Pickens
Carol Prickett
Barbara Sloan
Buddy Stanford
Susan and Jim Thorington
Caitlin and Hunter Thorington
Nan Timerlake Whittelsey
1918 Society
Supporters who have given stock or put us in their wil.l
Dr. Joe and Betty Ray Price Hughes
Barbara Sloan
Dr. Roye Wates
Babs Smith White

In Memory of Dr. Lane Rutledge:
Stan and Nancy Black
Dr. Theresa J Bolus
Dollie and Forrest Brice
Ms. Allie Brown
Harriet H Cloud
David and Janet Dees
Susan Dulin
Crystal Fogleman
Ms. Susan Foster 
Kap Garmon
Ms. Cecelia “Bug” Greer
Dr. Juan and Candice Gutierrez
Maegan Hughes Guven
Preston and Treasa Harrison and family
Marty and Ray Hester
Ann Jeffers
Grace Jordan
Carol Kilgroe
Ms. Marguerite Lane
Joan Lauterback
Mark and Bee Lewis
Dana Lower
Tara Mayfield
Ginger Menendez and the UAB Pediatric Residency class of 2013
Keith and Amy Miller
Karen Moore
Mariellan and Billy Morris
Drs. Greg and Jamie Odrezin
Mary Owen
Margaret Pate
Marlene Rikard
Katie Sefton
Barbara Sloan
Robert and Sandra Steiner
Amy, Ron, Hannah, Andrew, and Ellie Strickland
Ann Martina Walker
Terry Wall
Jeannette Watford
Ann and George Whorton
Katherine Wohl and Myriad Genetics

In Memory of Buzz Barrett
Ray and Marty Hester

In Memory of Lee Brewer
Robert Brewer 
Virginia Clark
Mary Frances Forbes
Jessica Germany
Judge James and Jeanette Hancock
Ms. Lida Hill
Ms. Edith Hunt
Donald and Ann Sweeney
Betty and Fletcher Thorington
Lischkoff and Pitts, PC

In Memory of Mary G Brown, Ruth G. Howell, and Claire Forbes
Marilyn Brown

In Memory of Darthula Buck
Charles and Margaret Clarke 
Ms. Claire Donaldson
Ms. Jeanne K. Eggleston
Elizabeth and Mark Ezell
Mike and Diane Gilewitch
Mary Anne and Ricky Stone


In Memory of Mary Ann McCollum
David McCollum
John and Cathy Rumble

In Memory of DR Price
John and Polly Miller

Charles H. and Margaret M. Allen in honor of Kap Garmon, Mary Owen and the DR Price family 
Crystal Fogleman in honor of Lisa Miller
Ronnie Hammon given In the name of Christ
Christine S. Long in honor of Rebecca Riddick
Roy Roddam in honor of all Blackfeet
Richard Sprague in honor of Dana Lower
Martha Ware in honor of Kap Garmon
Camperships given:
Brookwood Hospital Auxiliary
Chapel in the Pines 
Mary Catherine Clem

Become part of the 1918 Society
The purpose of the 1918 Society is to recognize and thank individuals. families, or groups who have made the Friends of Winnataska Endowment Fund a vital part of their estate plans, or who have in one year given a significant amount of money to the Capital or Annual Fund Campaign. We especially want to honor and involve people with family connected to Camp Winnataska from its earlier days, starting in 1918. Ways to give include donations, bequests, life insurance, retirement plans, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and real estate of $25,000 or more.

  • Recognition in HowHowHow and Alumni E-Newsletters and on the Winnataska.org and Followthegleam.org websites
  • Special camp gift each year
  • Invitations to Alumni Awards Picnic, Camp Christmas Tea, and other special events
  • For significant gifts: Naming Rights (Naming rights are regulated by the Friends of Winnataska, Inc. Board of Directors, who have devised the following guides: a project has to cost $50,000 or more to be named, and a donor has to contribute 75% or more of the funding to have naming rights.
Become a Member of the Hillsiders
Just as our Hillside vespers area gives spiritual strength to our campers, leaders, and staff every summer, the Hillsiders provide reliable, sustaining support for the general maintenance and programs of Camp Winnataska. You can become a Hillsider by setting up a monthly contribution online (at followthegleam.org) or by creating a recurring bank draft from your own bank account for as little as $10 a month — or as much as you would like. When you become a member, your donation will renew year after year and your credit or debit card will automatically be billed – all saving time, money, and resources.
  • Recognition in HowHowHow and Alumni E-Newsletters and on the Winnataska.org and Followthegleam.org websites
  • A yearly thank you gift.
  • An annual tax receipt document showing cumulative gifts for the calendar year.
  • No additional renewal notices.